Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snuggie: The Most Powerful Blanket In The World.


I am in a good mood today for no apparent reason. Tis almost Friday and tis beautiful out. Next week is spring break so that means no night classes and I am headed to Vegas next weekend to meet up with my old OSUWRFC rugby buddies and it is going to be the BOMB. I will have to strap it on because I have gotten quite soft and wimpy in my old age, going to bed at ridiculously early times on weekends and such.

So recently I got a box in the mail. It was addressed to both Tom and I and it arrived during our week of birthday magic & fun-ness celebration. Well let me say we tore into that large box with gusto, excited to see what some admirer had sent us. Much to my pleasure, out popped not one but two maroon snuggies with matching reading lights. After a little sleuthing, we tracked down the sender to none other than the great Chris Thomas of Chris Thomas Productions. We all had a good laugh and we discussed how those special deals you see on the television do seem very tempting. However when I saw that the great one, Mr. President of the Free World also wears a snuggie while conducting important phone business, I knew it was going to change my life.

And let me just say, IT HAS. It is a great invention for keeping toasty while blogging or surfing the web, or pretending to work hard on organic chemistry labs while secretly procrastinating while get the picture. Someday Tom and I will pose with our matching snuggies and I will grace you all with that vision of loveliness. In the meantime, give in to your late night television snuggie desires and get yourself this important tool in productivity.

PS. This message has been endorsed by the Barack Obama.



You teased me. I saw the title, and allowed myself to hope. I thought this was going to be the day, I got to see you guys in your snuggies. Oh well, maybe you can save that vision for a certain wedding in December...

Arizona Iron Girl said...

A snuggie for your front side, a snuggie for your backside...makes a snuggie hug...awwwaaawwww

What's the difference between a snuggie and me putting my robe on backwards?

Kim - irongirl

Anonymous said...

The president purchased his first snuggie