Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Plan for Four Peaks

***Warning: Scared mothers need not read further. ***

Research is commencing for this weekend's big expedition. It is the kind of trip where I will inform some friends at home that if we have not arrived back into the Valley of the Sun by midnight on Sunday night, they should contact some rescue personnel. Anyone have a extra SPOT I can borrow?

We are attempting the Four Peaks Motherload on Sunday. I talked about this hike here where we climbed half of it and here where I described it. Except its not really a hike since there is no trail for 90% of it, more of an adventurous trek into the unknown.

The plan is to drive the 2 hour dirt road out to the base of the hike on Saturday late afternoon. and camp near the Browns Peak trail head. start hiking at around 5 am. From the trip reports I found on AZ Hiker, most people who successfully conquer the motherload are hiking from anywhere from 10-14 hours. Chose the wrong route and 2 hours of bushwacking seems tame. Choose the really wrong route and you will wish you were able to bushwack instead of clinging to a cliff face.

We have researched the topos, read various routes that people take and planned our attack. I am still considering if we should bring one harness and a rope to use as a safety clip for exposed climbs. It is all terribly exciting. There are a lot of quotes on the trip log page that fall into the "this is the hardest trek in the state of Arizona and I would never do it again" category."

Excellent. Bring it.


Anonymous said...

Excellent bring it.....hmmmm mother who DID read this blog will be praying for dare devil daughter Hannah to come to her senses BEFORE attempting this HIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a girl!

Your Scrumhalf Connection said...

That sounds freaking amazing! BE safe, but have fun!

I am visiting the beach this weekend, I am so excited!


Woo eee, I'll be thinking of you and wishing I was with you. Sounds GREAT! Definitely take the rope. And about adventure racing: love your report and can't wait to try one myself.

Bill said...

Since you don't know how to make a good anchor, leave the rope behind. No one else needed it. It's only Class IV.

Anonymous said...

Shut-up Bill! You're scaring the moms! This work mom will be praying too!

Bill said...

I never would tell my Mom what I was doing, so she wouldn't specifically worry about a particular endeavor. She knew what I was doing (climbing & mountaineering) outdoors generally, so she basically gave up even worrying. I always found this to be the best approach. She said 'The less I know the less I fret.' I never told the folks what's happening up front, and if it turned out be be scary I'd just say 'We had an exciting time' and leave it at that. My Mom appreciated this news is good news. It gave her much less grey hair. :)

la chaser said...

So for all the moms and other people who worry about free falls off cliffs, just know that my husband is a very safety conscious individual who will be along to make sure we make the right decisions. He usually is my voice of reason since I get "sort of excited" and I will listen to what he says. I understand that while I really really want to succeed in activity, there are numerous things that could hinder us and change our plans such as thunderstorms when we are above the tree line..oh no I just gave u something more to worry about. Anyway, if I bring a rope, it will be with the expectation not to use it, but with the realization that it is better to have things that you might need than to not have them at all. We will be smart and safe. Thanks for the concern mom and work mom. Bill I understand your position but my mom is rather curious and wants to know what I eat for breakfast as well as what adventures I partake of so I simply oblige.