Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What is this blog thing?

I plan to blog about my Fourth of July Escape The Heat & Fireworks 2K8 adventures, but in the meantime I thought I would at least put up a post to let the peoples know that I am alive. I have had a hard time finding my blogging time lately. Stop cheering, it doesn't mean the posts get any less lame, there are just less of them.

I hiked Camelback Mountain tonight after work with some friends. I felt strong, fit and almost normal on the both the ups and downs. I am tired of giving constant attention to the knee and it felt great to just forget it and go. It also felt downright cool due to some really big winds. I would guess it was still around 95 to 100 degrees F out, but that felt cool compared to the typical 112 degree 6pm workouts. In life, everything is relative.

Sunset on a mountain overlooking a major metropolis, still feels remarkably peaceful. Love it. Today, I can do anything.

Team ODP in training for this weekend's AR.



Hey Girl!

Glad to hear the knee is treating you better and better as the days pass.

Yeah, we could all do with less of your lame blog posts, but who would make us laugh in the morning? (Joking on the lame part sister, your blog rocks!)

Bill said...

Glad you had fun over the 4th. Team Escape cheated the grim reaper on Sunday. WOO HOO BIG TIME!!!! Nothing quite like side stepping death while having fun. Exited a slot canyon ten minutes before a heavy flash flood came through. Would all have been toast if caught in there. Hell yeah, Team Escape is ready for it's next adventure! This is what I live for. Motel room $72, backcountry permits $20, escaping death: PRICELESS!!!! What a rush!!!