Friday, October 24, 2008

Biking Sedona's Red Rock

Submarine Rock, Sedona Arizona

One thing I have never gotten used to even after nearly 5 years living in Arizona is just how many amazing things there is to do in nature in my backyard. I could explore within a five hour radius of Phoenix every weekend for 10 years, and still not get to everything. This being said, I have never biked in Sedona. Lame, I know...

Until now.

We finally decided to hit up this crowded paradise just to see what the biking is all about. Let me just say, it is awesome. In a five hour period, we rode amazing singletrack, incredibly fun slick rock, and wrecked on some gnarly technical downhills all under the canopy of the most incredible view you can imagine. Jack, Sarah and I all had at least one half wreck... only Angel emerged unscathed. Okay, I had more like 2.5.

Less words, more pictures... coming up.

We head first from Oak Creek Village along the Bell Rock Trail to Templeton Trail.
This trail then does a loop around Cathedral Rock (seen in distance).

Even the dirt is bright red in Sedona. The first part of this trail is fast and fun.

Jack stops to take in the magestic view.

The trail then cuts into the side of Cathedral Rock where it becomes tight
singletrackon the side of slickrock. Very awesome riding!

After some nasty switchbacks, the trail drops down along the Oak Creek where we found t
his awesome swing. Notice the falls leaves.... yeah for Sedona.

A little hike a bike followed by several big drops which I promptly attempted knowing I shouldn't and then crashed down landing gracefully at the bottom without only a little bruising. Twice.

Following the Cathedral Rock loop, we hit up H.D. Trail and took it over to Little Chicken and the Submarine Rock Loop. Here we ran into some pink jeeps and some fun slickrock.

No, I did not wreck on this one.

King of the Rock

We followed the slickrock Broken Arrow trail out to the main road and into Sedona for lunch... which was great until we had to bike the hills back from Sedona to Oak Creek on a full stomach.

Overall a great day of riding and I definitely plan to return there. Also Happy Diwali to my sister and bro-in-law and all the peoples representing the HDus.

--All pics taken by Angel, Sarah and Jack since I forgot my camera--

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