Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get yourself a nice one honey.

We ride.

We fix bikes.

Tom, Angel and I went biking this weekend. Up and over the ridge at the Phoenix Mountain Range then pedal pedal pedal through the ghetto to visit our friend Alicia. She is recovering from a rugby injury that required surgery. Any guesses what it is? That's right, blown ACL. It is so common in women's rugby, it may as well be a right of passage for retirement. And once you do it twice, you get to tell anyone who suggests you try to play again to "bite me" with a mean glare.

Anyway, during our 1.5 hour ride, both of Tom's tires came loose and started to fall off and his brake was rubbing so bad that it felt like the bike was pulling a 100 pound gorilla behind. I kindly suggested that we walk the bike to the nearest dumpster and throw it away, to which he replied "it just needs a tune-up". Right, honey... just a little oil and the $115.00 + tax Huffy from Target will become the carbon fiber custom ride that every biker dreams about. The man hates spending money on things like this, but really when the wife tells you to buy a new toy, you should buy it. God knows that I have spend enough money of bike stuff in the past year.

Speaking of bikes, it gets dark by 6 o'clock now so that means any biking I do is in the dark... too bad that I am taping a flashlight to my bike along with my little helmet light so that I can see at night. Maybe I need to go shopping too. Yup.

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megan said...

hannah... duct tape fixes everything, but really riding at night young lady requires proper lighting. come visit me at my part time place of employment!