Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Rant: Proceed at your own risk.

So are you ready for the election to be over yet? Tired of your favorite show being overtaken by numerous debates or election humor? Maybe you are just tired of your lunchtime table talk involving the merits of lipstick on pigs being eaten by Joe Plumber whose business is being bombed by black Arab terrorists who drill polar bears habitats in their free time, all the while spying on their maritime get my point.

Media has sensationalized this election to a mix between Gossip Girl, Rudy and Comic Last Standing. Who can make fun of the other person's American Dream while spreading lies more effectively?

The reality is, we are up shit creek without a paddle. We being the world. Our economy is falling apart because money has been backed on credit and promises and if we (the US) stop buying, the world hurts. Did you know that 20% of all factories in SW China (where cheap crap is made people) have recently shut their doors. Guess what this means? Yup, Walmart just got a little more expensive. And that the Asian stock market is down 40%...very very bad.

As for racism, bigotry, sexism and stupidity...geez, this election sure has been effective in pointing out that these things are still rippling strongly through our great country. Check out these normal nicely dressed people being interviewed in Strongsville, Ohio (45 min from where I grew up). proud. Hatred based on someone's name is a totally legitimate action. Right. Thank you McCain for your help in exposing the social divides that befall our country to this day. And thank you for stooping to all new levels of "try to win an election based on fear and slander".

So what do I think about the "state of the union"? Well I am no Joe Plumber, so this is just based on whatever is left in my tiny little female brain after it has dealt with all the day to day necessities like cooking, cleaning and dealing with "women's health issues" [--i use quotes, because it recently has been brought to my attention that this concept may just be made up by those flaming liberal pro-abortion people--]. See here.

I believe that some of the largest crooks in our country are sitting right in the offices of Bank [everyone in America] and Insurance Company [every other one in America]. Greed has made these people rich rich rich and until the government assumes some control either through regulation or gasp... taking them over... they will continue to make as much money as possible regardless of what is right or who they hurt. Our government needs to stop the runaway train, before the insurance companies are the only companies making any money anymore (because believe me, insurance companies are like Vegas, they always come out on top).

As for the various gay marriage bands around the country (102 in Arizona, 108 in California), I just want to know why the churches who have raised millions of dollars to try get these "gay marriage" bans to pass, still support divorce in their church [--yes I am looking at you LDS, they gave 10 million to fight Prop 108--]. How is that not just as damaging to family values as Jane and Janet tying the knot. Why should money which is donated to a church coffer to "help those less fortunate" be used to buy 1000s of giant signs seen all over my neighborhood [--written in English and Spanish no less]. Judging your fellow neighbor and providing a moral platform for hate crime based against a group of fellow human beings: real Christian.

I could go on and on all day about things that fire me up but it is Friday afternoon, and there are better things to do than rant about the war in Iraq and how much it is costing us, how duck tape couldn't fix the Titantic and neither will drilling fix our oil problems, or how all the "6 degree of separation charts" in the world can't link Obama with Osama.

Like drinking an adult beverage and taking a deep breath that I made it through another week of OChem and work and volunteer without doing something crazy like punching a brick wall.


Arizona Iron Girl said...

Can I get and Amen sister! I'm going to post that video on my blog too... what a bunch of freakin idiots!

Kim - Sierra Adventure Sports

megan said...

i hear you. this is becoming outrageous. so many things in this world need to change. i'm not stupid enough to think one great man like obama can change it but if he doesn't win this election it's going to be tooo long until we have another chance this big. i need a nap. this is wearing me out.