Thursday, October 30, 2008

It is that good.

Happy early Halloween party people. I didn't have a costume, but then I developed this weird eye infection which has swollen my eyelid to ridiculous proportions so I am now thinking that I should probably be a pirate. Random but gross, I know.

So I have a lot of feelings. Some may call them opinions, but I am pretty sure they are all just intelligent portrayals of reality. Like how I am pretty sure that Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing Boneless Wings are the best little finger food morsels to ever be invented. Or how the scale of fun goes biking > hiking > running > dental exams > watching President Bush give a speech > work. I recently spoke my true feelings of the Cox Cable Co. and all things evil that surround them and guess what, you agreed. I also think that I could factually state that all local politicians robocalls (of which I receive at least 3 a day on my cell phone) suck so bad that Hoover can't even begin to compete with their true suckiness.

But the feeling that really matters right now, the one that keeps me up at night is this. Why is it that a show like Dexter, can be so so good, but I (previously) and most of America has never heard of it, while a show like American Idol version 142 or I've Been Lost For 10 Seasons Now can suck so bad and millions tune in night after night. Okay, I figured it guys don't like serial killers. I get it, but Dexter is a good serial killer...he only kills the bad people. Ah I know, it because you guys don't want to pay an extra $43 for Showtime on top of your $213 cable bill. That I get, however once again, let me recommend Netflix On Demand.

Season 1 was awesome and I can't wait to watch Season 2.

Really, what is America coming too, with their bad television choices. Sigh.



hey girl,

i signed up with the Green Mtn Adventure Racing Assoc. Hopefully I'll find some cool sisters, such as yourself, to adventure with!

The Chaser said...

very cool deanna...i am sure u will do great! u already have the running/biking part down.