Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh America...

E.T. phone home. Looks like him right? ~Bryce Canyon, UT

In the eternal quest for witty and entertaining blog topics, sometimes the well runneth dryeth. I feel a little like John McCain, just trying to polish the same old turd policy into something new and exciting. It ain't working John.

Planning on watching the VP debate tonight? I will try to tune in if I can stand it. I do enjoy a good spot of improv comedy. Hopefully Palin leaves suitable breaks after her rambles so that it is easier to insert laugh tracks later. Did you know she reads every single newspaper? All of them. She said so here. Although I think that show Street Smarts may have a legitimate copywrite infringement complaint that she is ripping off the concept of their show, albeit by accident.

Okay I will stop making fun of her. I will leave that to all of the amazingly funny and articulate news comedians out there... John S, Rachel M, Tina F, and this.

As for the economy, well let just say that I am glad I am not 61 years old and hoping for retirement anytime soon. My 401K is only down 21% this year... which is wonderful [sarcasm]. Damn those pork barrel spending aholes. They are to blame, according to McCain. Wow, that totally rhymed and I didn't even try. How that sense I don't understand, but curbing that piggy barrel spending seems to be his entire economic plan.

Remember when we used to back money with gold and the dollar was worth a shit? Those were good times. Happy Thursday folks.

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Martin Dimitrov said...

If the rangers saw you climb up on that rock, they would probably shoot you donw :) I don't think you are supposed to. By the way, were you by any chance in Utah when that arch went down ? haha