Friday, April 24, 2009

Five Years of Bliss

I went shopping over my lunch break day and I spent my five years of sweat and servitude at my company in one $24.99 moment of toilet paper and paper towel bliss. That's right, our 5 year service award which I received two days before putting in my quitters notice was a $25 gift card to Target. Oh how high I rose up the ladder of success before throwing it all away.

Maybe If I had stuck around for another five years or even heaven forbid ten years, I could have bought the super pack with the double rolls and still had enough left over for my favorite bag of Target brand Parmesan Cheese Hydrogenated Potato Products.

Happy Friday. Only 14 days left until my parole starts.



Oh the perks! That company really values its employees. Cracks me up.

megan said...

oh you're too funny. miss you.