Friday, April 17, 2009

An opportunity to get back out there.

So I have been bummer lately that due to my inability to run, I have had to give up many of the adventure racing type competitions that I so enjoy. I know I can always walk the trekking parts, but I hate being non competitive in something I am spending money on.

Well, this weekend I finally found an awesome substitute. There is a bike scavenger hunt in Tucson called the Urban Assault Ride which is sponsored by New Belgium Brewery. It is a biking only scavenger hunt through town that also has a lot of strategy involved in both the clues given to find where checkpoints are located, as well as the fun obstacles that must be completed at each point. They give you 5 known checkpoints that you can plot ahead of time to determine the fastest way to bike in between them. They also give you a crossword puzzle that you need to fill out and then use the clues to come up with a 6th secret checkpoint. At that checkpoint they also give you another set of clues to figure out a 7th checkpoint on the fly. The order in which you leave the start is also created by who places the highest on a 20 question quiz we had to complete today due by 5.

Already it has been lots of fun. There appears to be a lot of fun activities we will have to do like bike limbo and slip and slides, etc. I will let you know how it goes. The winning duo gets a set of cruiser bikes and you know what, I am in need of a new around the town type bike. Bring it on you spandex road weenies...the mountain bikes are coming.


Anonymous said...

have you figured out clue #1? we could use a little help!!!


Get that brain a working and ride your ass off! (Take some photos while you're at it.)