Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still in Ohio

I am now getting yelled at for not blogging. I suppose this is the highlight of my blogging career.

I have been in Ohio for a week now and have successfully gotten the sister married off. I have also successfully taken a walk through a snow storm, spread shit on a garden and then tilled it, planted 300 bulbs of lillies, tromped through a muddy creek, and have brought both my parents and Tom's parents homes into the 21st century with wireless internet. It is just another spring week in Ohio. Snowing one day and then sunny and warm the next.

I meant to blog about a day at Campe Verde two weekends ago in which I volunteered at an Sierra Adventure Sports race and learned how to really orienteer. I also meant to blog about numerous other mini adventures I have had, but I find when I am home I spend a lot less time online and a lot more time outside, playing games, or just hanging with the family.

I will resume my blogging activities with more gusto soon. I promise...fingers crossed.


Gary Robbins said...

Like Deanne said, we all go through phases on here. Take you're time, it's hard to fake it when you don't wanna blog about life.
Getting yelled at for not blogging would be a highlight for sure though!:)



You have great reason to be a blog slacker--you've been playing outside!!! We will wait for you sista!