Monday, April 13, 2009

Procrastination Inspiried.

I am finally back in the land of sand and sun and it feels good. I miss the desolation of the desert when I am away for long. I have a burning desire to go climb a hot dusty mountain or bike down a rocky cactus strewn path. While I love home and love my family, this place has definitely become part of the fabric of me.

It have a strange feeling right now, and by now, I mean for the last couple of months. It is like I am in the process of closing up one chapter of my life and beginning another and I have weird moments of nostalgia that are intermixed with the immense feelings of relief. This is normal I am sure, anytime you shake off the old to make room for the new, it brings back tons of memories, both good and bad. I really am closing up shop on this career I have had as an engineer, for the past 10 years (including college). I have never minded the challenge of it all, but in the end, it just wasn't enough for me. I want more. I have more to give than what I currently give to the world and I am happy that I realized it in enough time to actually make a difference.

There are definitely some material things that I will miss, money being just one of them. It is easy to take for granted free diet coke and color printing, awesome health insurance, and the ability to have an off day at work without anyone getting hurt. But more than often, I just marvel at the thought that I am actually going to be starting on this dream that has been just a glimmer in my mind for so long now. At first the glimmer wasn't even concrete, it was more like a whisper in my mind that said "there must be more than this". It took three years to become a concrete path towards the medical field and another 2 years to become an achievable reality. I hope that everyone has one dream in their mind, something that may be scary to even acknowledge, that one day they are able to achieve. It is a great feeling.

Here are a couple of photos from the last 10 days in Ohio.

The Wedding. The happy couple is in Hawaii, but apparently one volcano bike ride wreck may have added another knee injury to the mix. My bad luck is contagious.

My new rock band. I think I am bringing them down.

There was a surprise 30th birthday party for my buddy Chris while we were at Tom's family home and our theme was to dress like he does. We raided his old childhood closet and came up with these old gems.

Easter at the farm. This followed the egg hunt and what I like to call "how to gain 3 lbs in one day".



I love the rock band photo! It rules. I hear you on the comfort of the work place providing cash and health care. I have the same thoughts for "if" I get accepted to grad school. It's so worth it and in the end we'll reep the rewards of doing what we love while making money and having health care. OH YA!!

Arizona Iron Girl said...

Lip gloss, curls, a dress and jewelry.. you are a girl!!! I knew it all along...