Wednesday, April 29, 2009

GPTW & Chasm Creek

Still kicking it. T MINUS 9ish days and counting. I am starting to wrap up things at work and beat people into submission until they agree to take over my projects. I am not that important in the grand scheme of my company but I have met with great resistance in transitioning my projects because I am the only one in my team doing what I am doing and it may be *gasp* 'a lot of work' to try to do what I do. Vindication I tell you. And you thought my job was blogging. That is only a part of the day I tell you ;)

I have also had a bunch of my coworkers express real and true sorrow that I am leaving their humble abode. This gives me warm tinglies all over. Afterall, I am a valuable member of the party planning committee and part of the GPTW (true acronym for "great place to work") value system. When you work at large machine companies, they actually have to have GPTW as one of their core values in their mission statement. I always have been of the opinion if you have to say it, it just might not be true. Like how all the generic brands have the word "Quality" in them...hmmm....


Since I have been negligent with my blogs and/or photos lately, I thought I would add some pictures from a recent Sierra Adventure Race near Campe Verde Arizona that I volunteered for.

AB and I volunteered to test the orienteering course during the long paddle portion. Rick (RD) was even nice enough to show me how to actually use a compass to take bearings. It was pretty cool.

The Great Verde River.

I also got to play on the course photographer for the orienteering section which was at the end. I was amazed at how fast some of these teams blew through it.

Yoga Slackers on the move...they came in 2nd I think.

The winners Team Big Fish sprinting to the finish. I could barely keep up on my bike they were moving so fast.

Cooking meatball subs as the post race meal.

After we finished volunteering, we decided to go check out Chasm Creek which was the far point on the course. It ends at a little waterfall area in a canyon that was just beautiful.

Great light and beautiful colors on the hike back to Chasm Creek.

Dead trees = nice nature's sleeping bags.

AB checks out the little waterfall at Chasm Creek Canyon.


Anonymous said...

Scorpions love to hide in logs like that.

The Chaser said...

Yeah I have heard that, along with plenty of other vermin. It was really dry wood but i didn't really hang out in there for long. You know what is also another core value at my company? RISK TAKING. No joke :)


I love the sleeping log! Have you read "Fatal Tide"? Wondering what your take on the book is since you do so much adventure racing.

Gary Robbins said...

That's so funny cause I was gonna comment about the same picture! I don't know if I have it in me to crawl into something like seem to have made out fine...unless termites laid eggs in your hair...just checking, you should be sure about these things ya know!

ribbygottodo said...

I love the rocks in these pictures. I like the pot holes in the rocks with the water as youre going down with your bike. Only I can do a better tree than you - even pregnant. Wanna see who can hold the pose for longer?????? :)