Friday, January 16, 2009

The Answer.

Today, I decided to take some nerve and call the PA medical school that I have been trying to get into. I was told that they would probably decide who to accept on Thursday and would then send out a letter in the mail next week, but since I didn't want to wait, I thought I would give them a call. I was really freaked out to call them because I was so scared of what the answer would be. If a yes, I knew it would be an excellent way to start the weekend. If no...well, I would have all weekend to regret that call. But I decided that before I could call, I had to get my mind in a good place mentally to handle either answer. Below are my thoughts which I typed up directly before the call.

If I get in, my life will never be the same. I will have officially altered its path in a way that is remarkable, because many do not. It will be my greatest achievement as an adult. My path to this point although convoluted feels so right. Like destiny.

If I don't get in, I am back at a place where I have major decisions to make. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so this is just another branch on the tree of life. One this process has taught me is that I truly can achieve what I put my mind to. I am not afraid of hard work, so I still believe that great things are ahead of me. It will be a difficult setback to get over, but I have no doubt that I will move on and overcome. I see brighter horizons ahead.

Then I made the call.

The answer?

Option A. They welcomed me to the class of 2009 Physician Assistant Program at Midwestern University, located in Glendale Arizona. Life will not be the same. Welcome to the wild ride.


Anonymous said...

I shall be the first to congratulate you Hannah!! Midwestern made a wise decision. Now we will add a PA to the list of family roles. May the studying begin :-) MOM

Martin Dimitrov said...

Speechless. All I can say is Congratulations !!!


YAY! YOU DID IT. Way to go girl. I have chills because of you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hannah!

Gary Robbins said...

That's so AWESOME Hannah, congratulations!! I hope you celebrated in style this past weekend!!

megan said...

hannah... such an inspiration. nothing stops you from your goal & i am proud to be your friend.


ctgobucks said...

well done Hannah! I'm sure it was only 10% un-buttoned blouse, 90% hard work. Roughly.

Arizona Iron Girl said...

Freakin awesome sister!!