Thursday, January 22, 2009

A great mystery of life from the bathroom.

So I noticed something weird at work today. There seems to be a direct correlation between light in a bathroom stall and flushing the toilet. Random? Yes. True? Right on.

So due to our recent economic collapse and the subsequent tightening of budget, the bathrooms at my work have started turning off one of the two lights over the three stalls. That leaves one dark stall, one half dark stall, and one light stall.

Never fail, the dark stall (which is the closest to the door) is never flushed. I find this weird because you would think in an educated place with educated people, they would flush the toilet. The half dark stall is periodically not flushed, but mostly seems butt gasket free (the thing you sit on). The light stall is always always flushed as should be in a public restroom. It is so weird. Do people in the dark forget to flush because they can't see the toilet as clearly? I don't feel like lighting should matter in this situation, but I am proven wrong again and again.

Any thoughts? This is keeping me up at night people.


ctgobucks said...

Sometimes I have to look in the toilet once or twice, just to make sure what I put in there will safely flush. Being dark, one may avoid flushing, so they don't cause a major plumbing issue, just out of kindness. If you can't see it, how can one be sure?

Anonymous said...

Such a dilemma at an engineering plant...I hope it doesn't keep you up all night : )

Gary Robbins said...

Wow, quite the topic here...there has to be some sort of metaphor for life we are currently assessing here!

B Squared said...

Ah, the mysteries of life!

megan said...

i think it's the smart engineer's living on the edge. they get a rush by not flushing. it's dangerous, ya know. they might get caught.