Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have done all I can do.

Well it is over. Phew.

The interview really was not what I was expecting. There was way less face time than I expected with only one 45 minute panel interview where two PAs simultaneously interviewed three of us at the same time. With three of us answering the same typical questions, you had to constantly adapt your answer so that it is not the same as the person who went before you. Nothing was that hard or unexpected and although I felt like I did as good as I could have, it was pretty hard to stand out in that short of a interview with two other people.

So overall my feeling is that it is a complete toss up. I think my chances of getting in are 50/50 which coincides with the percentage of people who get accepted from the entire interview pool. Luck will probably play a role in it. I should know within a week and if I don't get the answer I am hoping for, I can honestly say there wasn't anything I could have done better at least in the interview.

Thanks for all the support and wishes of luck friends!!


ctgobucks said...

I'm sure you were better than the others, but. Did you really do "All you could do"? I got a top that's missing a couple buttons up top, that has earned me more than my fair share of promotions. Just saying, if a call back is involved, I would consider it.

The Chaser said...

Well unless my interviewers swing "the other way" not sure that would have helped. Did you know that these schools are 70/30 women to men ratio? Maybe this is why Travis is doing it.