Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fiesta It Was Not

The Buckeyes second home, the Fiesta Bowl. And just like the annual Christmas
scrabble tournament, you win some, you lose some.

Although I did manage to get a B in organic chemistry last semester, I am pretty sure I am pulling a solid F (or E at The Ohio State) in blogging. I have been relaxing, entertaining guests, watching college football, riding my bike and generally just not in the mood to blog lately. Go figure. I will still finish my trippity trip on the Incan Trail as time permits.

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Fiesta Bowl featuring my very own Buckeyes versus those nastly Longhorns. I entered the game with much trepidation due to recent OSU losses in devastating large numerical amounts in big time games. However, I will always love and cheer my boys in scarlet and gray so off to the game we went.

We got to jam out with Brutus, TBDBITL (the best damn band in the land) and the cheerleaders before the game at the pregame party. No I am not rich, just have friends in 'high places' aka work for the Fiesta Bowl.

The game itself was everything I could have hoped for...except a victory for the good guys. We lost in the last minute of the game on a great drive by Texas, but I couldn't really complain about the suspense and intensity of the game. It was awesome, something we have missed the last couple of times we have played in BCS bowl games.

Next year my friends, next year.

Oh and fat annoying Texas fans shouldn't mock a team they barely beat ranked #10 in the nation when they believe that they should be crowned the National Champions...just saying.


Anonymous said...

Go Texas! Hook em Horns. OSU has a great number of fat, annoying fans, too. Plus, they are from Ohio, a boring state at best!

The Chaser said...

Ah you are right, we have our less than solid set of fans as well, but none of the OSU fans tried to climb inside my car while talking shit after the game...just saying. I will say that most of the Texas fans we met were very nice and we got along great.


Anonymous said...

I'd say that is a very gracious comment on your part. Ohioans are pretty nice folks, too. I'm partial to Texas, having lived there seven years, graduated from law school in Houston, and married a Texan. I thought the game was excellent, and eventually you'll get that bowl win. The Bucks put up a hell of a fight.