Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today's Feelings..sorry.

Just in case anyone cares, yesterday's count for the BMI (bathroom mystery investigation) was dark stall: unflushed 2x and half light stall: flushed 2x. So we are still seeing the systematic odd behavior symptoms associated with darkened stalls and memory loss. Interesting.

In other news, we no longer have cable television but with youtube and Hulu's new HD streaming options, there has been no halt in watching essentials like whether Hillary Swank is hot or not on The Office. My vote is def. hot. Come on people, just cause she is muscular and atheletic and interesting looking, doesn't mean she isn't hot.

In other other news, my knee sucks.

It is a topic I have avoided bitching about because I haven't had the time or mental capacity to face the fact that that 1) There is still something wrong with it that may require fixing and 2) I just may have to live with how my knee is now.

A quick synopisis of my frustration. Swelling and/or Pain. Everything I do causes swelling and/or pain. Basically, I don't feel it when biking (although I do swell after I stop), but all running, cutting, and jumping activities cause immediate pain and delayed swelling which basically forces me to do nothing for 2 or 3 days until I can bend it again. I took a break from adventure racing to give my knee more time to heal because the running hurt. I am now worse than I was 4 months ago. I am trying to start playing ultimate frisbee league in about a month and when I go to practice, I make it about 1 hour before pain and limping forces me off the field.

I am not sure what to do at this point. I either need to give up on doing athletic things that require me to move faster than a walk or move without two wheels beneath me or I need to return to a Ortho Doc, get a new prescription for p.t. and shell out more money for a therapist to tell me to take it slow and give myself time. Is a year not enough time (12 months since surgery in Feb)?

Is this due to removing the meniscus (40% wacked in my last surgery)? Is is due to having two consecutive complete ACL reconstructions/meniscus repairs in 3 years? Is this all just part of the healing? Or is there actually something wrong with my knee and/or nerves in my knee that is preventing me from healing completely and causing massive swelling when I push it at all. Should I push through the swelling and pain that may be necessary before I retrain my knee to take pounding? I will say that waiting till it gets better and doesn't hurt isn't really working.

With my upcoming school program which will consume all my time, maybe I won't even care that I now feel like I have an 87 year old knee. Ya think? Thank you for listening to my feelings of which I have many.

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Martin Dimitrov said...

Hillary Swank is hot. (not incredibly hot, but she is not). period .