Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blast from the Past

Okay, so I was looking through old pics on my computer and had to laugh looking at this picture (this was scanned back in the non digital days). This photo takes place in my freshman dorm room in front of my top bunk bed.

Ummm, yeah. I have a couple things to say.
#1 - Freshman 15 anyone? I look fat.
#2 - Bangs-Bangs-Bangs Wow! But I am sure that look was so hotttt in 2000.
#3 - Really Tom, blond hair? He went to San Diego for spring break and all he brought me was this bleach job (and a really cool shirt that I wore for many a night on the town that Angel now wears since I couldn't bear to throw it away since it really is such cool shirt).
#4 - Notice the poster of hot shirtless guys on the wall by my bed. Haha, this rocks. I used to have these in my room at home too. Ever cut out hot guys from the Sears Catalog? Oh the life of the bored midwestern child stuck in the country. Antonio Sabato Jr made my heart weep.
#5 - Umm am I wearing socks with sandals? Please say no. This must still be in style as I see the computer nerds at work sporting this look all the time.
#6 - Really this picture just makes me wish I was in college again. Life was so much fun then.
#7 - I lived in this room with two crazy people. Emily was fun, but partied way too much and failed out well before the end of year one. Other roommate code named 'nasty girl who worked in the cafeteria' was really crazy and ended up faking a break-in to our room and stealing a bunch of money and my chemistry books. Then her boyfriend installed a hidden ftp package on my computer and destroyed it by deleting all my files. Like I said... ~crazy~.
#8 - I remember when I used to think the dorm beds where big. I would totally kill myself on that bed now.
#9 - Three words: Mack Hall Posse (MHP). This is the name of our dorm social club and we would announce ourselves as such when we would arrive en mass to parties. We really did think we were cool.
#10 - I am done and can't think of anything else, except for "Wow, I hope we are as stylish now as we were then and I can't wait to look at pictures of us now and think, oh those were the days."


chris thomas said...

tom looks like one of the Carter kids, the gay one.

angel said...

oh wow! that shirt was from then?! and i wear it now... confidently...i am a fashion RETARD!

nice pic ;)

chris thomas said...

Hannah how much wine should I get?

la chaser said...

angel, that shirt still looks hot so keep rocking it. chris, i will get back to you but it will be wine for 40 people and you get to drink the leftovers.

joe studer said...

I remember when TJ got his hair dyed, I didn't recognize him on the pacific beach street corner where I was to pick him up. TJ and his loser frat boyfriend Chris Hicks. Not a bad look for the second most handsome Studer son. I like the socks with sandals look, Hannah. Is susan going to be at the party where the wine for 40 will be served? If so, better make it wine for 45.

Erin said...

Hannah, I think you should return to the bangs look. You've still got time before the wedding. Sadly enough, I think I may have had the same hair cut as Tom back in my gay days. Fortunetly enough, I'm not that gay any more. As for Tom....

megan said...

this picture is hillarious.!