Monday, September 3, 2007


Stress is upon us. I am a manager of stress to some extent. I thrive on good stress (the kind found during athletic events and even during the big presentation for work). But I seriously hate bad stress (the kind that comes with the anticipation of big events and the thought of how much still needs to be accomplished in the short time that procrastination has left). I am sort of in that mode right now.

I went to my lovely friends Ryan and Kerri's wedding this weekend and although it was beautiful and tons of fun, I think it made me realize how much details planning I still have to do. I am not a bride-zilla (yet) and am relatively good at delegating tasks and realizing that it's just one day, however, it is still a huge event and I am the event organizer. So I am feeling somewhat stressed and have a to-do list a mile long, one item which is my most dreaded of activites: moving. I have to move Tom's roommate into my house and all my stuff (most of which I don't use ever) out probably into Tom's garage. Ahhh. I don't know why we waited this long but probably because his roommate is never around and I don't go to my house very often. And I hate moving.

I also have to complete multiple work projects before I take off for two weeks and I haven't even thought of things like "wow I hate all my swim suits and I am going to Hawaii". Now I have another thing to add to the list. I think weddings are definitely over done and mostly too extravagant, but please, just try planning a simple inexpensive wedding Good luck. It will always be more work than you were hoping for and always cost way more. But at the same time, I get to have a party with so many people from so many parts of my life all at once. That is exciting and I am looking forward to introducing my college friends to my Arizona friends to my high school friends to my family. I have changed immeasurably and probably not at all.

Working out is my stress reliever and Tom is the reason it will all be worth it.


chris thomas said...

So the way you make it sound, is like tom is some sort of prize? Just cancel the reception and all that, I can throw a kick assed pond party/wedding reception, Joe can sing, we can tie beer cans to the jet ski, and it will only cost $220.00, that is unless travis steals the money, and buys some chick a bracelet, in which case him and tom can fight, so it's a win win

joe studer said...

My wedding cost $278, which included a limo ride to the Heart of Reno chapel and then back to the Comstock Hotel. No one was invited...or even knew about it. I will contribute an additional $278 to Chris's $220, plus we can get John to contribute the profits plus interest of the 1986 strawberry patch season. That will give us approximately $1789 for a sweet pond party. We could even hire Jeff Jones Magic in Motion to perform. I'm still all for a TJ/Travis fight. Don't stress out Hannah, Chris and I have it all under control. Do you perfer PBR or Milwaukee's Best? Cans of course, they sink in the pond better. We can get the Gomer UCC Church Women to make Chicken Tetrazini and pecan pie, too.