Monday, September 17, 2007

The Heartland

I am in Ohio now doing the pre-wedding hizzle. That is hick for hectic dance of madness. Today was a long day of shopping, agonizing over tiny unimportant details and working on super fun things (right...not). I won't be posting very much over the next couple of weeks but I will try to post periodically (at least until the honeymoon).

Things are coming together though and the weather forecast for Saturday looks awesome! I took a de-stresser bike ride late this afternoon on my father's bike and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and smell of the country. Glorious farmland fragrances. I must say I never realized how many large hills are around my parent's house especially since the bike wouldn't shift so I was basically on a singlespeed. I think I will try to take a run tomorrow instead.

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