Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Quickie

When I feel stressed, I imagine myself here...

Havasu River, Grand Canyon

This is a shout out to Chris & Sarah Thomas who are now expecting their first child. Let us hope that Chris or Christine Jr does not inherit the angelic personality of their papa. Boy do I have some video clips to show that kid some day. You have been warned... Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

And I have some really famous Christmas Lists penned by Chris to further add to the "blackmail" list.

joe studer said...

If Chris and Sarah have a son, I am lobbying for the name "Thomas Thomas Thomas", with T3 being his football name. Or the old standby Joseph Francis Thomas will work fine, too. I haven't came up with a girls name yet. When has Chris's personality ever been an issue? I actually do think it's angelic. Very hard to blend that much bottled up intelligence with sarcasm and a twist of cynisism. Not many people can pull that off, you know.