Monday, September 24, 2007

Mr & Mrs Studer Finally!

The Oaks Lakeside - Sept 22, 2007

I leave in a few hours for my moon with my honey. It's going to be great! Seven days in Hawaii is my idea of a vacation.

The wedding was amazing, awesome, great, perfect...etc. You get the picture. As a non-girlie girl, I always looked at it as an immense amount of work, most of which was things that I don't really enjoy. But honestly, once it all plays out perfectly and you are surrounded by your friends and family from so many parts of your life, it makes it totally worth it. I loved the whole day and really didn't ever feel the dreaded panic stress that turns lovely people into bridezillas.

My photographer & friend Megan Resch, took amazing pictures which I will receive once we get back (I already saw some of them). I totally recommend her and got numerous complements on her. Check out her site and her blog.

We both want to thank all of my friends who helped out in various ways: Angel, Erin, Dameon, Justin, Brandon & our entire wedding party of Chris, Bill, Joe, Travis, Tony, Kara, Mandy and my three sisters Rebecca, Sarah and Debbie. We also can never thank our parents & families enough for all their help through everything.

Here is a cute picture from my new mom's camera. I will save the suspense for what I looked like till later...

Oh and Tom, I love you now and forever. I am so happy to be your best friend and now your wife.

O H I O! Always Buckeye Fans.


Mike S. said...

Aww, congrats you two.

megan said...

hannah, you are seriously toooooo cute. you all make an awesome couple.

i loved being there, thanks for having me-

pics to come very soon :)

Anonymous said...

that fat guy is a good lookin dude