Sunday, September 9, 2007

Just another desert oasis calling my name.

This weekend was busy but productive but busy but fun...

Friday was a busy work day, wedding errand day, and house packing day that started at 6:45 with a morning run on my reservation trail. I hardly ever do that since I am not a morning person. And when I say not a morning person what I really mean is that you shouldn't talk to me until I have hit snooze at least four times. After work, I did something else for awhile and then I spent 3 hours packing my house and moving stuff to Tom's since I am emptying my house to rent. Tom and I finally sat down to watch a movie at around 9:30 pm and we both fell asleep at around 9:35. The movie was boring to begin, in German with subtitles and about some war thing (I did pick out the movie so I am to blame, what can I say I normally really like foreign films). It did serve it's purpose to put me to bed so early that I was able to get up on Saturday at 7 with no desires to sleep longer. I finished getting my place packed and cleaned in time to watch Tom kick some flag football booty. The rest of the day was a blur of moving Tom's roommate out of his house, my furniture in, hair die and cheesecake.

On Sunday I planned one last trip with my buddies before getting hitched. We went to a place that I have been wanting to do for a while called Bell Trail along the Wet Beaver River. It is actually located around 10 miles from Sedona but is night and day from there in terms of pristine beauty since it is located on the other (wrong) side of the highway from Sedona. The hike consists of an easy two miles on a wide path which we were able to trail run, followed by two miles of narrow trail along a cliff to a swimming hole on the river. The swimming hole was so clean and deep: very much an adult playground. You can free rock climb up the side of some cliffs over water and jump off many more. There was even some guys who set up a slack line and were doing some ridiculous tight rope walking activity over the water. I was suitably impressed as it looked damn hard. We bushwacked/river walked an additional mile upstream just exploring before heading back for more cliff diving. We even found a mini Slide Rock on the way out just before the parking lot. Overall and great day, with great weather and 10 miles of pure Arizona beauty. I will let the pics tell the story.

Red rocks abound along the hike in (it is only 10 miles from Sedona).

Chillin at the watering hole.

Free rock climbing was great due to deep water below.

Angel attempts to use her head as a fifth point of attachment.

Crazy slack rope traverser. This looks insanely hard.

Back diving off the rock. Joking, she just talked about it.

Upstream from the watering hole.

We climbed a lot of unnecessary things for fun.

We found this great place that was like Slide Rock to cool off right before the car, after a hot 4 mile hike out.

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