Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Heartland Part 2

Bee Buzzing Grapes in My Father's Orchard

I went for another bike ride today to enjoy the fantastic weather happening here in Ohio. If it was like this year round, I'd be moving.

I vaguely remembered this place called Johnson's Woods Reserve where kids used to go to make out which I thought was bikeable from my parents house. I may or may not have first hand knowledge of the parking lot, just saying. So I decided to head there and see if maybe there was a trail in the woods. I had to cross a country highway to get there and climb several large hills, but I eventually made it there. It was actually a boardwalk path so no bikes allowed but I decided to take a quick run through the woods. I immediately ran into a good friend from highschool who I haven't spoken to in like 7 years. She is almost done with her residency to be an emergency room doctor so good for her (smart cookie, she is only 26). We caught up for awhile before I eventually continued on my run and ride home. I saw so many cute country people on my ride from 10-year-olds driving tractors to old timers sitting on the porch watching the cars drive by. Life is more simple here.

I took my camera along this time to post some pictures. Too bad they are not scratch and sniff.

Kids operate heavy machinery at a young age in the country.

Our driveway is a 1/4 of a mile long leading too...

The Old Homestead.

You guys thought I was making this stuff up didn't you? Nope I am a real country girl.

. . .

I ain't never been the Barbie doll type
No, I can't swig that sweet Champagne
I'd rather drink beer all night
In a tavern or in a honky tonk
or on a four-wheel drive tailgate
I've got posters on my wall
of Skynyrd, Kid and Strait
Some people look down on me
but I don't give a rip
I'll stand barefooted
in my own front yard
with a baby on my hip

'Cause I'm a redneck woman
I ain't no high class broad
I'm just a product of my raising
I say, 'hey ya'll' and 'yee-haw
. . .
~ Gretchen Wilson

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Crazy Rower #2 said...

Looks like home to me!!! I hope you're enjoying your time out there and aren't stressing too much about the wedding... tomorrow!!!! Woohoo, best of luck, I'll be thinking of you!!