Friday, August 31, 2007


Ah eBay. I love you, I hate you, you're like a game to me. I have been playing the eBay game last night and today trying to purchase a new toy. It looks like this...
I have a camera which I love and use to take pictures "like constantly" according to my mates, but it is somewhat large, and very fragile (I just about ruined it at the Grand Canyon due to sand). Since I love water, waterfalls, and activities that require portaging through water, I wanted a waterproof camera. When I found out this camera can be submerged to 18 feet and also handles drops from 5 feet and 200 lbs of crushing pressure, I was sold (think ability to withstand a bike wreck). So after playing and winning the eBay game, I became the proud owner of Olympus Stylus 725 Mu.

It will gets its inaugural test during our honeymoon as we explore the beautiful waterfalls and ocean kayaking found in the land known as Hawaii. Nothing can stop the picture taking now.


joe studer said...

That is a cool camera. It can withstand 200 pounds of crush pressure and a five foot it can't withstand me doing the hulk hogan leg drop off the top of the couch while TJ holds the camera on his chest.
Seriously though, that is a sweet camera.

chris thomas said...

I bet someone could take pictures of their penis underwater with that thing. Very nice, can't wait to test it out for ya. congrats on winning the bids.