Thursday, August 9, 2007

10 Things About Me

Things you may or may not know about me...

1. I grew up without a tv. I read about a million books before I was 10 and also spent a ton of time outside playing. Favorite game: kicking the ball over the telephone pole and catching it on the other side. Think it had an influence? I still read a million books and still kick balls outside.

2. I regularly put 11.8 gallons of gas in my 12 gallon tank of gas. I hate wasting time at the gas station and since I don't drive very far most days (I live 1 mile from work), I put off filling up my tank day after day.

3. I am obsessed with reading about Mt Everest. I have ethical issues with climbing it, but I find it fascinating and have read many many books written about it. I plan on visiting Nepal someday and just hiking around the lower parts of the mountain. What are my ethical issues? Much to do with loosing your humanity due to lack of oxygen which will cause you to do things that you would normally never do like walk past a dying person or leaving all of your waste on the trail.

4. I ran hurdles for 12 months a year, 7 years of my life. I have never ran another hurdle since the day I ran my last race at the Ohio State track meet my senior year of high school. I placed 2nd twice but never won the big one. I don't miss it, although maybe I will coach some day. Evolution of sports/passions for me: hurdles -> rugby -> racquetball -> hiking -> ultimate frisbee -> rock climbing -> biking -> adventure racing. I presently try to balance all activities concurrently (except hurdling) which keeps me busy busy busy.

5a. My first introduction to music was Amy Grant's 'Baby Baby' which my two older sisters and I created a synchronized dance routine to. It was then that I realized I had no real dancing ability and have not magically created any since then. I love dancing, even when I make others laugh.

5b. On another note, if you haven't discovered the amazingness of Pandora Radio you need to. You can type in any artist and it makes a station of that musician along with other singers who sound similar to her. My current love stations are: Lily Allen, Natasha Bedingfield, Chris Pureka, Lucas Prata, Lasgo, Nelly Furtado, Akon or Ani Difranco depending on the mood.

6. I have been dating my fiance Tom since I was 18 years old. I am now 26. That is a LONG LONG time. Needless to say, I am marrying my best friend. He's the best, very cute & sometimes funny (he needs new quotes though since Dumb & Dumber and Old School are getting old).

7. I fell out of a car going 45 mph around a curve when I was four years old. I had to get 70 stitches in my head and have my broken arm strapped to my chest for months. I don't remember anything about it other than being pissed that I lost my brand new grape gum which was in my hand.

8. I hate sleeping as I feel it is just wasting time. So I stay up late every night and then struggle mightily to get up every morning. I don't really like sleeping in on the weekends and don't really take naps unless I am super tired. I do love and appreciate caffeine.

9. I love reading blogs about professional endurance mountain bikers and adventure racers. They are always crazy people who are living life in a way I admire: fearlessly pushing themselves through pain and fatigue to achieve something that most people don't understand. I also love reading about people transforming their bodies into Iron(wo)men. This can be summed up accurately by simply saying, "I like reading blogs. Period. It's better than TV."

10. I have never considered myself a writer, never had a journal, only took 1 writing class in college, and have only written required things for as long as I can remember...until this blog. Not sure why I was inspired to have a blog, but I enjoy writing in it, really enjoying doing adventures that give me things to write about and now have an excuse to take the 100s of photos I already took before anyway. I don't really have an objective for this blog, although a lot of my friends and family read it, but I also get a lot of international readers as well so that is cool. I guess I hope that I can enlighten the world on what an interesting place Arizona is since I know that cactus and sand is the perception of the whole state. Why are you here? Let me know what you think about the blog.


garobbins said...

I'm here because you somehow stumbled across my blog!
Thanks for the comments on my recent run.
Looks like you are pretty active yourself! Are you trying to tell me that Arizona has more than just Cactus and Sand? I find that hard to believe!
I will have to get down that way in the coming years, hopefully for a big race of some sort.
Thanks again, I'll be checking out your blog from time to time now!


chris thomas said...

You couldn't find a space in the top ten things to sum up your life, for binge drinking? I mean did tom really need to be in there?
Binge drinking came in at numbers 3 & 7 on my top ten.

Susana said...

Hannah, tried to get the Pandora radio thing...but got this message. Bummer, cuz I am really sick of the music on our ipod... Any other music suggestions?

Dear Pandora Visitor,

We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for most listeners located outside of the U.S. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative.

We believe that you are in Ecuador (your IP address appears to be If you believe we have made a mistake, we apologize and ask that you please contact us at

If you are a paid subscriber, please contact us at and we will issue a pro-rated refund to the credit card you used to sign up. If you have been using Pandora, we will keep a record of your existing stations and bookmarked artists and songs, so that when we are able to launch in your country, they will be waiting for you.

We will be notifying listeners as licensing agreements are established in individual countries. If you would like to be notified by email when Pandora is available in your country, please enter your email address below. The pace of global licensing is hard to predict, but we have the ultimate goal of being able to offer our service everywhere.

We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding.

joe said...

I agree with Chris on the binge drinking. I also see nothing wrong with basing 80% of your daily conversation with quotes from movies such as Billy Madison, Dumb & Dumber, Happy Gilmore and Old School.