Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sitting bored w/ TV on...nope now it's off.

Recently I had the show "1 vs 100" on as background noise while I played on my computer.

Me: "This show is popular because it is targeted towards dumb people, who are mainly the people who watch this shit." [I realize that I am calling myself dumb here.]

Tom: "Well that is sort of judgmental now isn't it?"

TV Announcer: "Which of these three choices has the most number of cells? A) a gray squirrel B) an amoeba C) Britney Spears"

TV contestant: "Wow this is hard, I have never heard of an amoeba, but I think its some sort of deer or something. Is a deer larger than a person...hmmm i'm not sure..."

Me: "I rest my case."

I would just like to say that there is not one show on television that I will watch this summer. Is anyone else tired of reali-bitey tv? It makes me happy that I don't really watch it anymore because every show is exactly like every other show anymore. Most tv shows fall into either really annoying/rich people shows (Laguna Beach, Bachelor, anything on MTV), crime shows (CSI 1, 2, 3 and Vegas), and talent shows (every other show). I just don't get any pleasure out of watching tv anymore, so I will turn it on, flip through my non digital cable stations and then 10 minutes later turn it back off. I think the internet IS my television now anyway. At least until college football season sucks.

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