Friday, August 24, 2007

Team ODP Is Born

Team ODP Hard at Training While Playing in Pretty River

Let me let you in on a secret... big things are happening in the minds of some rugby players turned adventurers. Things such as 'adventure teams' and 'competitions' and 'possible sponsorship' are being bandied around. It is still very hush hush, but this weekend, TEAM ODP may be making their inaugural debut.

It may occur here. And it may involve these people pictured. MAY. Let me introduce said team. First we have crazy rugger extraordinaire known as 'wee uno' who hails from Kansas City, MO. Though she be small, she be mighty and will definitely lead the pace in almost all activities. She scoffs at bicycle suspension and has been known to take flying leaps off furniture on the attack. Next, we have crazy rower #2 aka 'amazing widdler of spoons' who calls southern Indiana home. She brings survival skills and determination to the team as well as knowledge of edible plants and race orienteering experience. She once set off at the young age of 22 on a voyage to row across the Atlantic Ocean and only capsized on day 45 when hit by a giant wave. After clinging to the top of her flipped ocean vessel for a day, she was picked up by pirates who taught her to sail. Finally, there is me of course who will always yell IO when hearing an OH. I'm the excitable incompetent member with beginner skills at everything whose real reason for doing these races is the picture taking locales and something to blog about. I enjoy computer things, get to design the team logo and most likely will be chief organizer aka pants wearer since I am bossy. There are actually other members of TEAM ODP who I am not introducing here since they aren't currently actively participating in our debut.

Oh and what does ODP stand for? We know, but we can't tell. So figure it out. A cookie to the winner... if I haven't eaten them all.


chris thomas said...

Old Dirty...

joe studer said...

Chris, brilliant minds think alike! Pour one out for dirt mcgirt!!