Thursday, August 30, 2007


1. There is a hole in my front yard and we have no water now (and have not had water for over 16 hours now). I live in the desert and I am thirsty. Diet coke is yummy though.

2. They (they being the DAMN THE MAN) are talking about converting my 6x8 cube to a 8x6 cube for [finger quotes] modernization purposes.

3. I will be attending a Bucky The Badger game this weekend in Madison WI for my friends' wedding. I will be wearing my OH - IO gear of course, in hopes that someone wants to fight. Best line ever during last year's National Championship Disaster Game of 2006 to obnoxious USC fan in our section... "well my girlfriend could kick you ass". Thanks baby thanks.

My life is awesome.


joe studer said...

Don't you have some bottled water? Or does all the water in the Phoenix metro area come from a magic hole in your yard? If so, you should sell it at a "water stand" in your front yard. Charge extra for ice.
Diet Coke is yummy, that is correct. It is best served in a 44 or 64 oz gigantic container from Speedway on Northwest Street in the north end of Lima. Kay would second that.
Kick someones ass in Madison, 99% of badger fans are wussies, and the other 1% gets so hopped up on paint thinner before games that they couldn't fight very well anyways. They should stick to cheese curds and snowmobiling across almost thawed out lakes.
I forgot about TJ's unfortunate accident on Susans banana seat and the trickle of blood running down his leg. Good jog of the memory, Christopher.

la chaser said...

I have water again! Yes Tom eats pudding and I drink Diet Coke...we are turning into mama/papa Studer.

chris thomas said...

How much captain is in said diet coke, and is it just pudding or is it tapioca?