Thursday, August 2, 2007

Vegas is known for rugby & biking, right?

I am off to Sin City this weekend to play in the Midnight 7s Rugby Tournament. I haven't played rugby in a couple of months so hopefully I remember how the game goes. To save some dough, we are going to camp along Lake Mead on Friday night on the way to Vegas. Yippee, I love forcing my friends into my dirty camping lifestyle. I am bringing the bike so we can do some mt biking on Sunday after the tournament (if I can still walk).

For those of you who don't know anything about rugby, here is an instructional video of 15s rugby (we are playing only 7 a side this weekend). I am one of those 'sleek backs' known as a wing that they speak of.

Here is a much more interesting video showing real rugby by one of the best teams in the world, the New Zealand All Blacks. The dance at the beginning of the video is called the Haka and is a Maori tradition meant to intimidate their opponents.

Below is a greatest hits rugby video. Some of these hits are actually illegal (anything above the head) but it still happens quite often in rugby. I actually have some videos of myself that I could add to this, and unfortunately I am not on the one that is initiating the hit. I have recent video of myself getting punched in the face by a Black Fern (New Zealand National Women's Team) player while trying to tackle her and no foul was issued. Oh well, welcome to rugby...enjoy!

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chris thomas said...

Hannah, most of those guys aren't even black. I think that is a racist and narrow minded view, to call them "all blacks". Those are real people with real feelings, you should be ashamed. It's O.K. to call toma fag though.