Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend of Fun

This weekend was fun. On Friday, we ate some delicious chicken quesadilla lovingly prepared by Tom. Saturday was fun too. I ate some pizza and drank some blueberry beer. Sunday was tons of fun. I ate an egg crepe and bought some shoes and a webcam and then ate some chicken in a taco form. Wasn't my weekend fun?

Haha, I was told that I blog too much about my [finger quotes]adventures and should be more well rounded. As you can see, my time outside of my [finger quotes]adventures is so very interesting and the whole world would definitely come read my blog every day if I focused more on this.

Oh you were curious about the race? Well let's just sum it up like this...

I got one of these: (Don't get too excited, 2nd place isn't as impressive as it sounds)

But not because I didn't do one of these: (I actually did at least four of these plus 1 tree)

I am sore but happy that I finished the 22 miles of pure hell fun and TEAM ODP came home with two pieces of hardware. More details in the next post.

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