Thursday, August 23, 2007

The inevitable path leading me.

Motivational Artistry Found at the Verde Hot Springs

So they say you really figure out who you are in your mid 20s. It may be true. I am still a-changin, but things seem to be coming more clear. I am a very lucky lady with family and friends and also this really cute and sometimes funny guy who also happens to be my soul mate. We sometimes take each other for granted which is pretty normal once a relationship is well past the golden hour of discovery, but the good thing about making the larger than expected transition from long term bf/gf to husband/wife is that you are forced to contemplate just how much this person means to you . We get to think of things in terms of forever and joint bank accounts and 'u really you need to learn to put the toilet seat down already'. As for jobs, passions, what you want to accomplish with your life... that is still a definite work in progress.

Career wise, I am still in phase one, with phase two to begin at some later point. I want to be inspired, I want to help people, I want to change the world (or at least just one person). But for now, I am cranking along and will continue to until the transition to phase two becomes obvious.

As for passions, I have never been lacking in those. I tend to get into things and try to go to the expert level as quickly as possible. My fam likes to make fun of me because they claim I am always have a new adventure to tell them about. "What mountains (note the plural) did you climb today?" my eldest sister will ask me during our weekend chat. But I think I realized something lately... that all of my varied hobbies of hiking & biking & running & rock climbing & endurance related activities & love of water were all leading to just ONE thing. I think I was on the inevitable path leading towards this conclusion and I didn't even know it.

The destination being the discovery of adventure racing. The sport that encompasses everything that I just inherently loved to do. Adventure racing is something that I could get into... like REALLY into. I may have never discovered this sport had I not moved to the land of the sun, rocks and cactus. But I can't turn off the fountain inside of me. It bubbles with excitement when I talk about it, read about it, and dream about it. I blame Arizona and the 10 mountain ranges I can see from my window at work (not my actual window, I work in a cube ala 'Office Space' but we have a hallway). I blame the fact that everyone I meet here rock climbs and that people go canyoneering on the weekends between their jobs as doctors and school teachers. I blame my adventurous friends who feed my desires by listening with excitement to my plans and enhancing on them. I blame stores like REI and frisbee friends who have discounts there and are gear hounds. And lastly I blame the fact that its hot as hell in the city all summer long so I have no choice but to escape to cooler locales in nature which fill my waterfall jumping, cave exploring, mountain bike riding, and camping dreams. And I blame my lovely fiance who has always supported me in everything I do and who grounds me when I might jump off the mountain in my excitement.

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