Friday, May 9, 2008

74% of You Will Agree

Fridayfridayfridayfridayfri.d..a...y....oh hello. I was lost in a daydream and it did not involve being here.

Did you know that 93% of all corporate Americans surf the internet at work? The other 7% are pissed because their company blocked it. And that 82% wish they could quit?

Okay, now I might have made up these numbers this time, but who would argue? Like the kid that cried wolf, Tom thinks I make up numbers quite a bit...and he may be right but sometimes I know them for real and he never believes me anymore. Besides, most of the numbers I quote are based on true unadulterated facts that I learned from copious amounts of research. Promise. Dilbert agrees.


Crazy Rower #2 said...

82% wish they could quit... the jobs or the internet surfing? :).

megan said...