Sunday, May 25, 2008

GRE is done.

I am a bad blogger.

I just finished up my hell week. Without getting into the stormy details, some stuff went down at work that just about made me put in my two weeks. I battled through the whole debacle without bringing a hammer to work and tried to just focus on the fact that I had to take the GRE yesterday morning.

After almost getting completely lost and missing the test due to falty Google Map directions, I arrive at 7:58 for my 8:00 test just slightly flustered. But luckily I think the extra adrenaline helped me focus (I am weird like that) and I did much better than I hoped for.

Today we are going overnight backpacking to another water canyon with a group of buddies so I am excited to stress relief in a beautiful place.

Catch ya later!


Nishant said...

Enjoy! Nice blog you have! Especially the design!


So . . . how did the GRE go? I took mine at the end of my final semester, thinking I'd still be smart from 4 years of college. Ya right. I did great in the writing portion, which is only worth 6 points!, but terrbile on the math stuff. Ah well. If I get a masters, guess who is going to be posting "GRE Done" type posts? Or more like, "I have to study for this shit!" posts.

la chaser said...

Well I only got my math & verbal score, but not the official percentile. I got 740-math/580-verbal which I think is around 80th percentile based on some sample numbers I found. I actually thought I did worse in the math and better in the verbal, but I am not complaining.

megan said...

yeah smarty pants!!!! congrats to you!