Thursday, May 1, 2008

Struggling Against the Sun

Taken on Camelback Mt, April 2008

Temps are rising now with many days over 90 degrees. The wildflowers have died but this little cactus blooms remains, fighting the good fight. That straw-like substance used to be beautiful grass, but alas, is completely dried up now. Unfortunately after a wet winter with a lot of green follows a lot of dead underbrush. Can anyway foresee ...sizzle...? Fires are natural occurrences, but it doesn't change the danger and the need to manage them. Here's to hoping we get enough rain this summer to lessen fire danger and keep the air clean.

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What a cool photo. I'll have to tell my mom to take a peak. She lives in Golden Shores, near Topock Gorge. And it's been HOT there as well. She's not ready for the heat.