Monday, May 19, 2008

Hello Holy Heat

When I walked out of work this afternoon to rush to therapy, I had good intentions of driving to therapy to give my knee a little break (it has been a little swollen as of late). But then the wave of heat hit me and I knew I needed to ride my bike there.

What can I say, I am somewhat masochistic. I wanted to see reintroduce my body to real heat. It was a record high 109 degrees today. Hmm it went from 95 to 109 in a day. I drank an entire bottle of water in the 15 minute ride (each way).

Welcome back summer.

Sunday's trip to the Salome Jug Canyon was RFC which stands for 'really freaking cool'. I am going to start using the TLA for RFC since I say think a lot of things are RFC and it will save a lot of time. I will blog about the RFC canyoneering maybe tomorrow but here is one pic for now.

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