Monday, May 12, 2008

Don't Mess With My Bike Godfather

Rappelling: Easier than climbing down.*

I dreamed last night that some Italian mobsters stole my bike and tried to strip it for parts. I uncovered it in a warehouse, stole it back and then had a showdown with the mob boss where I declared that he would have to come through me if he wanted my bike back. No one puts Whitey Wrecker in the corner, no one.

True story.

Speaking of bikes, so I want to buy another bike. Stop glaring at me honey, this one will be cheap. I want to get a really cheap road bike so I can actually commute without the impulse to take the short cut through that dirt field and over that small fence. Plus then I could start racing slow cars and overweight lycra clad men wearing riding $5000 bikes. I am pretty sure you aren't sponsored by Specialized are you Mr. Decked Out From Head To Toe.

I found one on Craig's List for $30 and it is a lovely shade of green. How could I go wrong?

*Warning: Pic coloring modifications have occurred. This is typically done using Microsoft Picture Editor and playing with tinting and contrast settings. I do this a lot due to my entry level photography skills and equiptment. Don't hate, filters are fun.

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