Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And Then It was Wednesday.

Still not up to blogging par. These random absences will most definitely occur during periods of busyness, burnout and feeling unable to publish true feelings moments in my life.

I feel that last week may have been one of the most stressful weeks I have in awhile, and it was unexpectedly so. But it is over now (sort of), and one thing I know and appreciate about myself is the ability to compartmentalize certain life happenings in order to maintain balance in other areas while still laughing and having a good time. So by the time I got to the enjoyable portion of last weekend, I was able to enjoy it without much thought for the stresses that awaited my return on Tuesday.

This is not to say that I am always a peach to be around. Tom can attest to the fact that like every woman ever designed, I can be moody, irrational and sometimes just downright crazy. I am sure there is a book out there he can read which will tell him that it is not his fault and that it is because I am female and therefore he shouldn't take it personally. That is, if he could read. Bam. Got em.

We went hiking & camping on Sunday/Monday with 13 friends and it was a great time. I haven't gotten any pictures off my camera yet, but don't worry my friends, I will. We hiked about two miles back into the Hell's Canyon Wilderness (great name right?) to a slot canyon called the Narrows before setting up camp under some nice shade trees and taking off to explore all of the cliff diving opportunities. Sunday night, we cooked up some tasty Beef Strognoff ala bag and drank some delicious Bandit Red Wine ala cardboard container which was actually very tasty. Monday, after some more exploration fun time, we finally headed home and back to the real hell-urban-wilderness.

Luckily this week is a short one because I am leaving for Ohio Thursday (tomorrow) morning for a friend's wedding. Since I grew up in Amish country without electricity, internet blogging is out of the question. Just joking, we totally had lights, just not a dishwasher. Hello Ms Dial-up, how have you been lately?



Was the "Narrows" the narrows of Zion?

la chaser said...

Nope it is the Narrows of Tonto Creek. I have two Utah trips in the works for later this week that I am really excited about since I have never been up there.