Friday, August 1, 2008

Biking is fun.

The bar has been raised...

Wow. All Huffy bikers beware, you bike is no longer the hardest bike to ride on top of the mountain. (I lived on this mantra for a year..."but I ride a $200 K2, that is why I suck"...blah, still suck and now I have a nice bike.)

I have been trying to bike more lately, since I have a predominantly biking AR coming up next weekend...woohoo go TEAM ODP! Crazy Rower #2 aka Sarah aka my biking buddy and I have great dreams of glory on the bike. Only problem is that there is that whole trail running part that we are not all that good at. So we need to do really good on the bike.

Some friends J and Angel and I went "training" in Prescott last weekend to escape the heat since it was only in the 90s and humid there. Yippee... We climbed a big mountain of fire roads for 10 miles, then descended a moto trail that J used to ride his motorcycle on. It was an incredibly long and loose descent with large rocks and some nice exposure to worry about. I had one slow motion tip over which threw my head over the side of the trail with my feet remaining planted above on the trail. It was pretty funny because I couldn't get up without my friend's assistance.

Here we are at the top of a lookout overlooking Skull Valley. This is part of the Whiskey 50 route in Prescott.

A decent part of the trail. It was much more loose in many areas.

Partway through the ride, it started to look like a big storm was coming and just about then, the trail dropped us off on a highway so we had a nine mile uphill road ride back into town trying to outsprint the storm. We arrived in the Prescott square about 15 minutes before a major storm blew through so I was happy with our luck on that one. After some great food at the Prescott Brewery we headed back to dry hot land in Phoenix. Overall a good day on the bike. Plus, I realized once again that I am a giant climbing weenie.

Outracing the storm.


ShawnZ said...

It's always nice to know there's someone crazier than you. Then you can say "see, I'm pretty safe!" Finally found your blog ;)

la chaser said...

Hi Shawn! Come visit and we will go biking :)

megan said...

um... that guy is nuts. if i were his mother i would handcuff him to the couch and never let him leave the house.