Friday, August 15, 2008

Computer Gets Drop Kicked

The last two days I have been feeling the curse of the dreaded RFTDTBAT. RFTDTBAT = Randomly Failing Technology Due To Being A Technologist. It sucks mostly because when you are a computer engineer and your shit fails, you have no one to call but yourself. Hey self, fix this! Okay self, when I get a chance, I am busy. Still aren't listening self? I will break something else until you heed my call. :::COMPUTER SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTS:::

My work hard drive failed, AGAIN, and therefore I am once again having to wipe the damn thing clean. This will mean that I have to try to recover all of my docs plus pics and reinstall all of my illegally downloaded software (just kidding...sort of).

My alternative computer, the old developer box (aka desktop at work) is also on the fritz due to IE 7 corrupting my video driver and forcing a system restore to the pre-install of IE 7. What the hell Microsoft? Your software is crap.

So now two of my computers are not working which made me switch to a third older and less technologically advanced box that has been sitting in my cube for two years now and although it is working, it has such an old integrated graphics driver that it doesn't support widescreen resolutions on my 24 inch flatscreen. So I get to use it in 1024x768 VGA mode. Which is like watching old black and white movies on an 75 inch HDTV. It sucks.

I appologize for all the mumbo jumbo in this assured all of the above just equals = TGIF & I need a beer. Cheers to the weekend.

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