Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lata AZ.

Hayooo. Getting out of town this weekend to the great state of Utah. I will be doing family friendly adventures and camping at the Bryce and Zion but I will try to persuade my girly sisters into getting dirty.

This week has been crazy busy getting ready for my mini vacay, starting organic chemistry, and wrapping up my application for school. I am tired but I still have to pack, pic up fam at the airport, grocery shop and do laundry by tomorrow morning early and it is already 9 pm.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and may it be labor free.


lucilla said...

Zion...Ihad been last August...I enjoyed!!!

Now I'm at home in Italy.



Woo hoo! Have fun! We went to Zion a while back and left Otto, our dog, at Doggie Dude Ranch since dogs aren't aloud in the park. He had a great time. We went up the Narrows and took a side canyon to get away from the hordes of people. It was great!

Oh yeah, and free camping along the river outside of town.