Thursday, August 21, 2008

I concede.

Oh are...almost indescribable. You win. You toy with my emotions you tall freakish rascal. You anger me only because I care so much about you. You blow me away because it is impossible not to be humbled by your amazing abilities. You did as I asked and therefore you are redeemed in my eyes... for now, but there is a fine line. You definitely have left your mark on this Olympics and I will admit that I can't wait to see you run again. You are a boyish man among boys who are men. Get it?

Anyway, onward. I continue to be impressed how China is just destroying every event, and not just the badminton and table tennis. They are dominant players in everything now. Crazy how ultimate dedication mandated by the government can create these machines. Just goes to show that with the right effort and dedication, anything is possible.

Speaking of dedication and effort and machine like performances, guess who is actually racing in a MTB cross country race this weekend? Oh yes, my own humble self will be lining up in the sport division of the Absolute Bikes Flagstaff Bike Race. It is around ~20 miles (2 laps) with about 900 feet climbing each lap. I did this race last year as my first ever bike race about 2 months after starting riding. I got owned by the trail and wiped out 5 times and hit a tree in my first lap alone. Let's just say I was a total beginner who had never ridden in trees or with pro men driving me off the track.

I really want to do the race just to see how I have improved. I know my fitness isn't that great right now and I still have a full inch difference in my two quad muscles (measured this morning...lame). But I know my technical skills are much better so my time should destroy last year and I have the experience of one whole other bike race under my belt [sarcasm]. We'll see how it goes. Sarah is racing too so we both will have the motivation to race each other, although if I was a betting women, I would bet on her (I think she has 20:1 odds). She likes to flat though so it gives me so I can hope.

Anyway, my fam is coming into town over the next week (my British bro-in-law and sister arrive tonight) and then we are heading to Utah (Bryce, Zion, Coral Pink Sand Dunes) for the labor day weekend. Sweetness, never been to Utah. I know I know, bad girl.

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megan said...

tell your fam hello for me & have fun in that beautiful state!