Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go World.

Whose is obsessed with the Olympics? Ew ew pick me!!! Sports with a team I can cheer on all the time...with back stories? Sign me up.

I still can't figure out when things are going to be on so I have to just watch it all. Phelps may not be human, I think we should test him for fish DNA. His individual events are boring since he is so far ahead in every race. He was one lucky SOB in the 400 meter relay. Damn. That was the most exciting swimming race I have ever seen.

I am anxiously awaiting the track and field events to start. But I have a question, why do they show women's soccer and softball on prime time, but not basketball? Why is this stuff not streamed live (and not live) online from NBC.com? Hello NBC, haven't you heard that the Internet is a great place for advertisements? I would watch the 30 secs of advertisements to watch some of the sport that don't make it into their normal shows.

Oh and why is there an HD channel completely dedicated for four straight days to mens boxing? It isn't even normal boxing, there is no blood and the scoring is completely undecipherable. One word...BORING. NBC owner's nephew must be a boxer or something.

I am mostly worried they won't even tape the mountain biking races. I will be angry if I can't watch them in some format. Don't piss me off NBC...

Otherwise, I have enjoyed watching some of the more esoteric sports such as badminton. It make tennis look like a slowing moving match between turtles. Those shuttlecocks sure do fly around the speed of light.

Also, who doesn't want to pick little Raj Bhavsar up, pat him on the head and put him in your pocket. That little gymnast smiles so much that he is impossible not to love. Plus he is a former Buckeye and that is enough for me.

Anyway. I like the advertisements by Visa. Go World. Indeed.

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Shuttlecocks! Ha. You're great.