Monday, August 18, 2008

Christopher Creek - Dos

We hit up Christopher Creek for another quick canyoneering trip on Saturday. It was pretty sweet once again and I definitely had more mobility and strength than last time. We found a way to waste lots of time jumping from ledges, sliding down natural slides and playing on logs. I just love this place. Once we left the box canyon at the top, we saw no one beyond for the rest of the canyon. This place is awesome and I am glad that the technical skills required to get through the canyon the crowds away. The secret is though that pretty much anyone who can jump off a cliff can make it. We won't tell them though.

Sarah always creates water slides out of rock.

Who can stay on the log roll the longest contest? Not me.

Moving down the box canyon, leaving the crowd behind.

Sarah and Emily jump an extraneously unnecessary but amazing cliff.

They talk Martin into it, but he isn't too sure yet.

Sarah gives him a good shove off... joking, he jumped himself. I was okay with being the master photographer for this one. I am not ready for large force knee landings quite yet.

I finally get my chance for jumping glory. The choice at this falls was either jumping or jumping, climbing wasn't an option.

Yes, we are all blond which is strange and doesn't usually happen.

This is the largest falls of the canyon. Sarah jumped, the rest of us chickens climbed around.

Martin shows off his yoga skills.

We decide we might need this log for later... foreshadowing?

This log crossing may have been unnecessary, but who doesn't love 'bet you can't make it across' competitions.

We find another good use for the log. The water below was pretty stagnant so the desire was to avoid it. I think the log made it harder.

We spot another log set nicely across the canyon. Of course we must climb up to it.

Here I am doing one armed pull ups. Just call me GI Jane. Okay, maybe I was falling off.

Swimming the last part of the canyon. I channeled my inner Michael Phelps.

Sarah called this thing a staghorn beetle. I call it a mini rhino. It was cool though.


Anonymous said...

How do you FIND all these amazing places to canyoneer every weekend? beautiful pictures,amazing adventurous daughter! Please be careful.....


I loved this post! So fun!

Doesn't it hurt to jump and land in the water with a backpack on?