Thursday, November 29, 2007

Announcements that no one cares about.

So winter has rolled around to the P H X. This doesn't mean that much in the way of cold, although it has gotten much colder. The biggest effect is how early it gets dark. It sort of depressing to get out of work at 6 and have it already be dark. Since I am a hater of the gym, it makes me less motivated to work out. I think I am going to start doing more dark trail running and biking. I love head lamps anyway. Gadget gadgets are my fave.

In other boring exciting news. I am working on creating my online business website. I don't actually know what the business is going to be yet (oh but i have grande dreams --evil cackle--), but that is just details right? I figured I will start on the website anyway and maybe it will just come to me. I am creating the website using a free source content management system named Drupal. It uses Apache as it's web server and MySQL as the database. Confused? Well this is just geek speak for "its going to be a website and do cool stuff". I created a website for my rugby team the seen here using similar technology called Joomla awhile ago and the benefit of the content management portion is that once I created this site, I do not have to be the only one to maintain it. I trained the team captain and manager to add calendar events, news and other things to the site. So let me know if you have any sweet ideas for what my business can be. If left up to my own devices I may come up with a Jump To Conclusion Mat*.

Also, in other news, I did it. Yup. I registered for the Kona 24 Hours in Old Pueblo race on February 16th. So what this means is that I am going to try to put off having knee surgery until afterward and what this also means is that I am going to try to ride somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 to 75 miles in one day with no ACL. Doesn't that sound like fun! I am excited but also nervous because I get knee pain & swelling pretty quickly right now. I think I will have to train up to the mileage as best I can and then during the race it will be gut check time. I can't really hurt my knee further so it will mostly be just sucking it up and pushing the challenge. Challenge = PAIN.

One last thing. I am going to say something that you will never hear me say again. GO SOONERS! Oklahoma needs to beat Missouri this weekend in fb for Ohio State to return to the National Championship. And the reason this is important, besides the obvious reason, is that I have a flight scheduled during the Rose Bowl and I don't want to have to pay a bunch of money to change the flight so that I can watch OSU beat USC on Jan 1st. I would rather watch OSU beat UWV on Jan 8th or whenever the Natl. Championship is. So I am going to be a huge Oklahoma Fan on Saturday night only, then I am going to laugh at all you doubters.

[Update: Oklahoma totally won so OSU is totally in the Natl Championship game in New Orleans vs LSU. Great matchup and a totally winnable game. Bring it SEC.]

*awesome reference to the best movie ever, Office Space. Told u I love this movie.

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