Monday, November 12, 2007

Most boring post ever.

Morbidity is finite. I think I will be done with it now. Being all sad and emo isn't really in my nature. On to happier things.

I can bike. I can dance. I can laugh & clean the house. I can buy grocerys & carry them in. I can walk, no limp. I can indoor rock climb. These are small but special activities in which I can participate in now that I couldn't last time. That is why things aren't that bad, even with no ACL.

Well the weather here in the desert is getting lovely. Middle-of-the-day-working-out lovely. I read people's blogs from cold places and it seems like everyone is always fighting a cold and fighting the depression of crappy weather. I don't miss that at all. Snow is fun on vacation. Thats the only time. Period.

Gearing up for the upcoming holidays. Tom and I are heading to Colorado for Thanksgiving. We don't usually fly to Ohio for this holiday because we usually go at Christmas and the plane tix are not cheap. But since we have free gas (thanks you Tom's work), we try to drive somewhere cool and take a mini vacation. This time we are going to visit some of Tom's cousins in Durango and Breckenridge. Since skiing is out, we will probably try to do some hiking and hopefully some bike riding, knee permitting. And play in the snow, because we are on vacay and that is when snow is cool. I also plan on meeting up with a friend in Fort Collins. I love Colorado. Pike's Peak was the first mountain I ever saw as a kid and I will never forget it. We drove all day and all night across the country in a crappy station wagon and I remember waking up in a parking lot at a rest stop and peering out the window and seeing this large white cloud like thing off in the distance. I think I fell in love with mountains that second.

Weather. Check. What's happening. Check. Okay, end of the most boring ever in the history of blogs. Later.

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