Friday, November 2, 2007

Not much about anything.

Sunset along the Rez trail

So I have been pretty bad at blogging lately. Not only are some of my posts downright boring, but I just haven't felt that inspired to make them otherwise. That's okay, though because I don't have a real agenda about entertaining the world (by world I mean the five people who read this regularly). I haven't blogged much this week because I have been in Cali for work and we have been busy every night wowing people with my charm (aka schmoozing). Also, I haven't done anything worth blogging about.

I got back into town on Wednesday night in time for a very fun Halloween party where I pulled out my crazy Pink outfit again. Last night, I went for a solo mountain bike ride through South Mountain at dusk. It is fun to see how much I improve on my old faithful Desert Classic trail every time I ride it. I took it at speed last night and even chased some guys back to the car. I always assume that most people are faster than me, so if I see someone off in the distance I will pull over to let them pass. After stopping for a drink, I saw a group of guys coming, so I waited till they passed then took off after them. I ended up riding their tails the whole way back to the car. I think I am slower on downhills than a lot of people but make up for it on uphills and flat sections.

Well the second big race in the Desert Rage Adventure Racing series is this Saturday, and guess what...we aren't doing it :( I am pretty bummed since I was really looking forward to it, but my teammates just aren't able to fit into their budget's right now due to unforeseen circumstances. So ODP's return to glory is just going to have to wait for the women's AR on Nov 10th.

It's not all bad though because if frees up my weekend for other things. I plan on playing in a glow-in-the-dark ultimate frisbee tournament on Saturday night in Tucson and in the Scottsdale Lady Blues rugby game versus Stanford on Sunday. Yes, I am pulling out my rugby cleats to beat up on some college girls. I went to practice last night and was shocked at all the new faces. Gone for six months and don't recognize the team. That is good though, since the team needed fresh blood (no pun intended). Hopefully I remember how to tackle and catch a rugby ball. Double dipping both rugby and frisbee in the same weekend ... could be trouble. I will get yelled at in rugby for calling stall counts instead of tackling and get yelled at in frisbee for running someone over. It's gonna be great!

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