Monday, November 19, 2007

I need more digits in my temperature.

It's going to be a low of -2 degrees F in Breckenridge on Thanksgiving. Oh. My. God.

Before you make fun of me, just remember, I am from the desert people. Come play with me when it is 115 out and then I can make fun of you. My warmest coat is rated to 40 degrees. Over the past three years I donated most of my out of date warm Ohio clothes to various Good Wills and had no reason to replace them. I have lots and lots of awesome outdoorsy synthetic clothing rated to about 50 degrees in temperature, but not one single thick wool sweater. I am going to be forced to go shopping. Will they make fun of me if I just wear my ski pants around town, cause I may die otherwise?

It's sort of exciting since I haven't been in cold weather in almost two years. It was downright balmy in Ohio last Christmas. I hope we get to play in some snow and do a little chilly hiking. I don't know if I can handle biking in zero degree weather though. I have thin blood, I swear, and my bootie fat just isn't enough. Phoenix is still in the 80s and Tom got sunburned this weekend playing frisbee. And we are okay with that... the sunburned in November thing.


nik said...

Pretty sure you have no fat on you and a full snow suit might be good.
If you can keep your head, feet, and ass warm then you can some of those hand and foot warmers.. i wanna here adventures damn it, who else to i have to live them through!

Mike S. said...

forget the biking. breck is open for skiing already. pop on that brace and have some fun :)

la chaser said...

mike, that would assume that I am a good skier normally, which i assure you i am not :) helmets were made for people like me.