Friday, November 30, 2007

I love the word emo.

So I have had a hard time blogging lately. Mostly because there isn't anything going on right now that is all that inspiring to blog about. True writers can blog entertainingly about anything: Britney Spears, the cost of gas, or whether Tila Tequila is really bi or straight. Vastly important topics of course, but really nothing that I care enough about to try to write humorously about.

I can only write when inspired and most of the time I just want to put pics up anyway. I am going through some thing right now. It's not depression or anything overly dramatic like that. I will just call it a funk, a work induced, knee injury induced, where the hell is the sun today kind of funk. I don't blog about work normally, but I will say this, something has to change. And I am working on that as we speak. As for the knee, I can't really blame it totally because I am not stuck in the house due to it and I can still do a lot of activities, but it has had an effect. I am not doing an adventure race I planned on doing this weekend due to it, and I now back to mostly solo working out. No frisbee or other team sports, or even just pick up racquet ball games, etc. So I am fighting off those feelings, while trying to stay motivated to still train hard due to the races I want to do in January and February. And the weather right now is blah. It's been dreary all week and is now raining. I am sooooo addicted to sun, that I miss it almost immediately. This is why I moved here in the first place.

So blah is here and will probably stay for a minute, before I kick it's ass and invite happiness disambiguation in (google actually considers these synonyms which I found interesting and totally timely). I think it's okay though because blah is fine for awhile. I put a lot of pressure on myself to feel happy all the time and sometimes, you just wanna feel like crap and wallow in it. I am going to go put on some emo music, surf monster and eat brownies while complaining about how tv sucks but refusing to go out and have a life. For a minute. Byte me. LOL. Nerd.


Erin said...

Should I be concerned? I mean, really...should I, nerd?

la chaser said...

yes. its mostly because my friend erin ditched me and left town though.